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On the 31st March 2023, Qrate collaborated with Good Governance Africa and Africa Tikkun to facilitate the #BreakTheSilenceWorkshop. Our facilitator Candice Chirwa hosted a 3-hour impactful workshop that shed light on the significance of dismantling taboos surrounding menstruation. The workshop engaged 25 incredible young women from the Young Women Movement initiative by Afrikka Tikkun, who learned about being agents of change in breaking the stigma around menstruation in their personal lives and their communities.

Qrate facilitated an interactive workshop that engaged the participants in empowering activities to learn more about their bodies and periods, while leading critical discussions on the impact of period stigma in society. The workshop held a safe space for our participants to express themselves freely through dance, singing, sharing their experiences, and asking questions about all things periods.

Our workshop started with an ice-breaker to get everyone comfortable with the space and each other. The participants played an introductory game called “My Name is,” where they introduced themselves through joint singing and dance. Next, Candice led the participants through a vagina mediation, where the participants could relax and stretch while learning about all the different parts of the female reproductive system. Then, our participants were introduced to periods through a short animated video on periods and our famous vagina song activity. After the fun introduction session, our participants were ready and energised to engage with the many activities prepared for them in the workshop.

The 3-hour workshop was packed with exciting activities built around experiential learning through practical activities, internal reflections, and group discussions.  Read on further to see what went down during the #BreaktheSilence workshop.

The practical elements of the workshop included the participants partaking in the period product alien game, where they learned about the available menstrual products and their applications. The period product alien game was not just about learning about the applications of the various menstrual products but also a research activity where the participants got to dig deep to understand what type of materials are used to manufacture the different menstrual products. This menstrual product research got the participants thinking about the impact of certain period products on our environment and planet. Furthermore, this activity allowed the participants to ask Candice where to access certain products as they are not readily available in all pharmacies and grocery stores.

Our workshop also used visual learning as a way in which participants could learn more about periods. During our workshop, we showed an animated short video introducing periods and a short movie called “First Period”. The “First Period” was a powerful visual experience because it showed the participants a period-positive world that contrasts the lived realities of the period stigma millions of menstruators continue to face today. This video highlighted to the participants that creating a period-positive world is possible if we break the period stigma within ourselves, communities, and governance structures.

At Qrate, we aim to transfer period experiences and knowledge through our true and false quizzes, period myths game, and our what would you do game. 

  • True and False Game: Our participants took part in a quick-fire True or False quiz that questioned participants about the quick facts about periods and period statistics. The true or false quiz highlighted the sheer magnitude of the menstrual inequality world concerning mainstreaming access to period products, menstrual health, and menstrual education. 
  • What would you do?: Our participants reflected on the question, “What would you do?” in relation to various multiple scenarios. This activity was powerful because it got the participants thinking emphatically about the different experiences that menstruators face. 
  • The Period Myth Game: This game was centred on the participants sharing all the period myths they have come across on a whiteboard. Then through a guided discussion with Candice, the participants collaboratively debunked each myth on the whiteboard before them. 
Teaching about menstruation
Candice Chirwa facilitating a menstrual workshop

The workshop closed with the participants taking their period pledge, vowing to talk openly about periods so they are part of the change in breaking the chain of stigma towards periods. 

The responsibility of making a positive impact is one that must be shared; therefore, let us collaborate in order to make a difference in the lives of children and young people” – Africa Tikkun

Thank you to Good Governance Africa and Africa Tikkun for sharing the space with us to empower young girls on periods. To the participants, Qrate thank you for entering the space with enthusiasm, open hearts, and energy. Thank you for leading critical discussions in the workshop, as we pledged, remember to be the vehicles of change for yourselves, your families, and your communities. 

South African girls at a menstrual workshop

This year Qrate is going on a period tour all across South Africa. If any schools or youth organisations would like to get involved or be a part in the period positive tour, please email info@qrate.co.za