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Know Your Flo’

QRATE critically engages, educates and enlightens people to help shape a positive narrative on the topic of menstrual health. The primary focus of our menstruation workshops is to offer a dynamic, engaging and interactive platform for people to learn how to understand the normalcy of their menstrual experiences, and what to expect in a socially responsible and age appropriate manner.  For more information for the Know Your Flo’ Workshops, please contact or book.



QRATE offers a variety of training on social issues including Diversity & Inclusion, Sex Education including puberty, menstrual health, gender equity, contraceptive access. Our QRATE lesson plans are mapped to education standards and it is inclusive, trauma informed and culturally responsive. We develop curriculum and training content for schools and organizations and also provide education training to schools and for individuals.

Educational Content Development

QRATE creates educational resources, lesson plans, promotional materials and other resources to help educators, parents, guardians to help students and youth participants to learn about social issues. QRATE has created a Diversity & Inclusion Guide & Activities for Schools, and Menstrual Education Training educational resources for corporates and organizations. 

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