Our Work

QRATE provides Eduliftment through these three pillars: Service, Education and Advocacy. Through the tool of Eduliftment – QRATE serves to better the experiences and understanding of the world and societies that the youth and young children live in.


QRATE provides critical, dynamic, fun workshops to schools on any social issues that parents, teachers, guardians would like their children to be empowered on. We are currently offering dynamic, engaging and interactive workshops to schools that will have their school girls critically engage and understanding their social responsibility to Menstrual Health. To get more information on the current workshops click the button below.


We have a blog with various posts on social issues in written in collaboration with different thought leaders to help guardians, parents, teachers to better understand the topic at hand as well later provide information to the youth and young children in an easy way. We aim to reach youth directly with educational resources on a variety of content including puberty, relationships, consent, sexual orientation, gender identity, body image, and much more.


QRATE is dedicated to develop critical thinking of youth in communities across South Africa through Eduliftment at a grassroots level. Qraters has worked since 2018 in strengthening the ability of youth to make informed, responsible decisions about their futures.