Global Citizen: We Caught Up With the Incredible Women at Qrate

The South African organisation is championing menstruators’ health and dignity. Come meet the team.

The Daily Vox: Tackling Menstruation Stigma Through Education

For many menstruators around the world, getting ones period for the first time or every time after that is a frightening experience.

Global Citizen: 3 Organisations Run by Young Women That Seek to End Period Poverty in South Africa

Period poverty refers to the lack of access to sanitary products and hygiene facilities to manage menstruation. This remains a prevalent issue in South Africa. 

borgen project

The Borgen Project: Period Poverty in South Africa

Many women menstruate monthly for an average of 40 years of their lives. In many countries, like South Africa, women do not have access to the sanitary products they need each month. 

Africa Matters

Africa Matters: Moving Beyond Menstrual Myths with Candice Chirwa

Candice educates the youth on Menstrual Education through her NGO, QRATE. Candice is also an author, having written a book entitled Perils of Patriarchy. She has also conducted a TEDxTalk by the name of Bad Blood, which focuses on the importance of Menstrual Education.

Africa Matters

Amnesty International: (You)th for (You)th

Candice Chirwa, born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa with Malawian heritage is a menstrual activist, academic, author, and professional speaker.

global citizen

Global Citizen: I'm the 'Minister of Menstruation.' Here’s How I’m Fighting Period Poverty in South Africa

Candice Chirwa is a South Africa-based menstruation activist, speaker, and academic working towards destigmatising menstruation while also lobbying for an end to period poverty in South Africa — one of the most unequal countries in the world.

purpose pioneers

Purpose Pioneers: Meet the Minister of Menstruation: Candice Chirwa

Candice Chirwa, has become the voice of change in lifting the burden of menstruation for many girls in several South Africa communities. Known to many as the “Minister of Menstruation”, we caught up with her to find out more about her work as a social entrepreneur.

DoSomething: 10 Young People Fighting Period Poverty & Stigma Around the World

As DoSomething celebrates Women’s History Month — the extraordinary contributions of the women of the past, as well as those that continue to progress us toward a more sustainable and equitable future — we also recognize the challenges many women still face in the fight toward that equality. Including, #periodpoverty.