Hello Qraters!

On the 29th of September, Qrate was invited to the book launch of the Tidi Talks Period Series. Tidi Talks is a guide for parents and the youth on the journey of menstruation, through storytelling.

Our Founder and Director Candice hosted two mini Menstruation workshops for kids which focused on fun-filled activities that kept the kiddies on their feet!

Facilitator Candice conducting an exercise with children

The workshop started with a cute animation video that seeks to explain what periods are from a simple perspective. Following that, a fun True or False exercise was played to test the kiddies’ knowledge of periods, with the final activity of the Alien Game where the kids got to explain each period product to Candice.

The Tidi Talks Launch was a fun-filled day that focused on young children, parents, and teachers learning about the importance of period education. Following the workshop, the guests were treated to a yoga workshop to learn about their bodies and after that, they listened to the insightful and engaging panel discussion by authors: Farah Fortune, Dr. Nokukhanya Khanyile, and Thandazile Ndvolu about their journey in writing this book.

Panel Discussion by the authors of Tidi Talks (Thandazile, Farah and Dr. Nokukhanya)

We are extremely excited that there is such a powerful, informative and relatable book that young children, parents, guardians, and teachers can rely on. We are super excited to be working alongside the Tidi Talks Team in the near future.