About Us

Qrate is a Non Profit Company focused on enhancing the critical thinking skills essential for young people, through the promotion of ‘Eduliftment’ as a tool to help young people apply critical thinking skills to understand their circumstances and explore options open to them through educational content.

Qrate focuses on ensuring that young people are equipped with a platform that provides knowledge to help shape their understanding of their society to allow them to engage about the issues affecting them which helps to navigate and make meaningful impacts within their communities. Thus, Qrate has chosen to be resilient and has identified a need in quality and availability for content for youth. 

What We Do

Qrate is dedicated to creating informative content through multimedia platforms and advocacy workshops on a wide range of diverse social topics. We engage our audience and our content is aimed at young children, parents, guardians, guidance staff and teachers. We strive to create an equal and non-discriminatory environment for children through the promotion of education. It is thus crucial that the content that Qrate provides is user friendly to both the girl and boy child to eliminate the discriminatory practices within our society. Furthermore, Qrate fosters critical thinking through thought provoking educational content and workshops, to encourage children to reason better by helping them to base their conclusions on facts. 

Our Team

Qrate team