Hello Qraters!

On Friday, the 9th of September, Qrate was invited to Waverly Girls High School to conduct another menstruation workshop for 1119 girl learners. Our facilitator Selo held it down with ease and great confidence in providing Eduliftment.

The workshop started with icebreakers, and following that, a menstruation quiz to test the girls’ knowledge of period health was conducted. Our popular Alien Game was done after that which is always an engaging and interactive part of the workshop with the learners asking a lot of questions about sustainable and alternative period products. The workshop ended off on a high note with the Qrate Period Pledge.

The teacher of Waverly Girls High, Priscilla Ratsoana was extremely grateful for Qrate to educate the girls on such a critical subject in an empowering and fun way. We are incredibly grateful to the Girls of Waverly High for giving us the space to build a period-positive world at their school!