Hello Qraters,

Last week Tuesday (6th of September), we collaborated with Mina Cups (a local menstrual cup company) to deliver another fun-filled menstruation workshop for 102 girls in Diepsloot.

The Mina Cup Foundation is passionate about ending period poverty and addressing the issue of young menstruators having to miss school owing to their lack of access to menstrual products. Part of the foundation is to travel globally not only distributing Mina cups to schools but also empowering youth and young MENstruators through education and mentorship.

For this workshop, we conducted our fun #KnowYourFlo workshop where we taught and tested the young girls’ knowledge on period poverty. We started the session with fun icebreakers, then moved to our period true or false, finally ending with our popular Alien Game period product activity where facilitators (Candice and Emily) were tasked with presenting different period products to the girls. Following that, we ended off the workshop with our Qrate Menstrual Pledge and our Vagina Chant. To end the day, the girls were given beautiful goodie bags from Mina Cups and Diepsloot Mall!

Mina Cups is on a mission to Minarise the world and Qrate is happy to be apart of this mission in changing the world, one period at a time!