Empowering Tomorrow: Qrate’s Collaborative Initiative with the Embassy of Argentina at Lowe Primary School

Empowering Tomorrow: Qrate’s Collaborative Initiative with the Embassy of Argentina at Lowe Primary School

Hello, Qraters!

Step into the heart of community development, where Qrate and the Embassy of Argentina in South Africa joined forces for a transformative and empowering day at Lowe Primary School. This collaborative effort marked a significant expansion of the longstanding partnership, moving beyond sports development to address a critical issue: period poverty.

On the day, we had 140 young girls engage in our fun Menstrual Health Workshop. Facilitated by our Qrate facilitator Lebo Kotane, this session aimed not only to impart knowledge but also to foster a sense of empowerment among the participants. From debunking myths to delivering accurate information, the workshop became a safe space of enlightenment, equipping these young individuals with essential insights into menstrual health.

The day unfolded into an Art Prizegiving ceremony, acknowledging and celebrating the artistic prowess of Lowe Primary’s students. This multi-dimensional approach, combining education with creativity, exemplifies Qrate’s commitment to fostering holistic development within communities.

A commendable extension of commitment by the Embassy of Argentina was witnessed on this occasion. Known for their contributions to sports development at Lowe Primary School, the Embassy has now taken a holistic approach by addressing period poverty. Beyond the distribution of menstrual products, this collaboration underscores a commitment to ensuring that no student’s education is hindered by the lack of access to essential hygiene resources. In light of the success achieved through this collaboration, Qrate extends a formal call to action to organizations across sectors. The issue at hand—period poverty—is a shared challenge that demands collective attention. Organizations, regardless of scale, are invited to align their efforts with Qrate to contribute substantively to the eradication of period poverty.

Corporations, non-profit entities, and individuals with a vested interest in societal well-being are encouraged to explore engagement opportunities. Collaborative initiatives, sponsorships, and volunteer endeavours are pathways through which collective efforts can make a tangible impact on the lives of those affected by period poverty.

Qrate’s collaborative initiative at Lowe Primary School serves as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in effecting positive change. From menstrual health education to artistic appreciation, the day encapsulated a vision for an empowered future.

Ready to make a difference? Contact Qrate to express interest in collaborating on Menstrual Health Workshops at info@qrate.org.za.

Unsilencing The Period Talk In Sports

Unsilencing The Period Talk In Sports

Hello Qraters!

Have you ever missed physical education lessons at school or any other sporting commitments because you were on your period?

The fact is that menstruators across the world are missing out on sports because of their periods due to the inaccessibility of period products, while others have felt self-conscious and embarrassed to participate during their period due to societal stigmas.

By working to break down harmful period stigma, we can ensure no one has to miss or avoid participating in sports while on their period because having your period should not get in the way of you participating in sports,

In June, Qrate and Football Without Borders SA collaborated to take a step toward flipping the narrative on menstruation for young South African athletes. The workshop left the young athletes empowered, knowing that they can, too, thrive in the sporting world as menstruators.

Period Poverty in South African Schools

Millions of menstruators in South Africa are not able to afford or cannot access period products. This is known as period poverty.

Respective research conducted in South African Schools by the Menstrual Hygiene Management and The Borgen Project found that:

  • 83% of menstruating learners do not have regular access to menstrual hygiene products both at school and at home;
  • 1 in 4 learners (who menstruate) miss school monthly because they lack access to menstrual hygiene products and support during their menstrual periods;
  • An estimated 30% of South African menstruators do not attend school while they are on their period because they do not have sanitary products.

How Does Period Poverty Affect Sports Participation?

The statistics above in South African schools reflect the realities that menstruators face across society. Menstruators play on an uneven playing field due to existing period stigmas, period product inequality, and inaccessibility. This translates to missed training, missed competitions, and increased dropouts of menstruators in sports. In summary, these are MISSED OPPORTUNITIES and LOST POTENTIAL for millions of girls, and women.

What Can We Learn From Football Without Borders SA?

Our workshop with Football Without Borders SA was a special one because it was telling that there are sports clubs and organisations that are making efforts to provide and integrate menstrual health education for their athletes to ensure that menstruators have a safe and comfortable environment. Not only is menstrual education important for the athletes but also for the coaches and staff members to understand how to support menstruators.

The more we can start normalising menstrual conversations and education in sports, the easier it will be to spread support. If we start talking more openly about periods – a menstruator who might be struggling with their period would be more open to seek support from their parents, coaches, or staff members to get help and advice.

Sparking conversations about menstruation health enables us to celebrate what women on their periods have achieved, and helps to break taboos while opening the door for an important mindset shift in sports regarding periods. The more conversations we can have about periods in sports, the easier it can become to set setting higher standards for girls and women in sports to be protected and supported.

Did You Know That Qrate Is On A Nationwide Period Positive Tour? 🩸

Qrate is on a period tour all across South Africa. If any schools or youth organisations would like to get involved or be a part of the period positive tour, please email info@qrate.co.za

An Ode to EmPOWERment: An Open Letter To My Period

An Ode to EmPOWERment: An Open Letter To My Period

To Nadine (and any girl child reading this),

You are extraordinary. Periods and all.

Your period is symbolic of your power, your womanhood, and your sisterhood. But sometimes, you forget the magic behind it. Sometimes we see our periods as something we want to hide, ashamed of, and something we are self-conscious about. Some people scrutinise your period and minimise your experience as if it’s up for debate, but I am here to tell and empower you to embrace it.

It’s time you embrace it wholly, dear period; you are something to be celebrated and marveled at. You are no longer silenced in rooms because I am slowly beginning to speak about you loudly and openly. The more I speak about you, the more I realise I am not alone. I now have a community of humans who acknowledge and support my experiences with you. I am constantly learning how we can co-exist every month, and to be honest, it is still freaking hard because sometimes you come in with all the punches (cramps, nausea, moods etc.), but at least I am trying. I am unlearning all the misconceptions and breaking the stigma within myself and the world so that a period-positive world will be a reality for my younger sister and all the younger girls behind me.

A Reminder for Menstrual Hygiene Day 2023:

Girl child, it’s time you stand with pride and walk in conviction about your period,
Do it for yourself, your sisters, your brothers, and the millions of girls around the world,
It starts with loving yourself and your body a little bit more,
It starts with being kinder to yourself when it is hard and painful,
A little bit of love and kindness to yourself goes a long way,
Because it is the foundation for creating period positive change in the world.

Again. You are extraordinary. Periods and all.

Remember that.



🎶 This letter was written while listening to Woman by Nao feat. Lianne La Havas

I am a women
Gender Justice

So What Can You Do To Change The System?✊🏾✊🏼✊💥

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Get informed about your menstrual health and the challenges faced by girls by signing up for these courses:


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Did You Know That Qrate Is On A Nationwide Period Positive Tour? 🩸

Menstrual Education in South Africa
Menstrual Empowerment in South Africa

Qrate is on a period tour all across South Africa. If any schools or youth organisations would like to get involved or be a part of the period positive tour, please email info@qrate.co.za

Qrate Team Rocks a New Period Inspired Merch Thanks to Levi Strauss & Co

Qrate Team Rocks a New Period Inspired Merch Thanks to Levi Strauss & Co

Hello Qraters!

We are excited to share our team’s new menstrual drip that has been proudly sponsored by Levi Strauss & Co. Our new fit includes a new period positive shirt accompanied with a classic Levi blue jean for each team member.

To celebrate the official launch of our new team look, our team had a energy and laughter-filled photoshoot to showcase Qrate’s newest team merch. Read more to check out our team photoshoot and the meaning behind our period positive team shirt.

Qrate team South Africa
Qrate Team Merch Shirt

The eye-catching yet meaningful print design on our shirt is the Qrate trademark and here is why. Period positivity is a central focus of our work and therefore our shirt reflects of our mission to empower young girls on periods. We want our shirt design to spark conversations around menstrual topics typically considered taboo such as period stigma and period poverty.

Power to the period” means shifting back the power to women over our bodies, periods, and rights. We can no longer fail to engage and remain silent on those who menstruate. Throughout history, periods have been hidden from the public as they have been seen as a taboo and/or embarrassing but we are flipping the coin in shifting this narrative to one that is empowering and positive.

Menstrual education in South Africa
Menstrual Education Qrate Team

We are proud to be rocking these new shirts because they colourfully, boldly and loudly represent what we work towards. A big thank you to Levi Strauss & Co for supporting and supplying the Qrate team with our newest team merch.

Did you know that Qrate is on a nation-wide period positive tour? 

Qrate is on a period tour all across South Africa. If any schools or youth organisations would like to get involved or be a part in the period positive tour, please email info@qrate.co.za

Join the movement to break period stigma and let’s start having real conversations about menstrual health. Qrate is committed to providing Menstrual Education in ending period poverty in South Africa. Check out our recent #Periodpositivetour video highlight below.

The Girls of Noordwyk Secondary School Tackle Period Stigma!

The Girls of Noordwyk Secondary School Tackle Period Stigma!

Hello Qraters!

With the new year already in full motion, we are honoured to have hosted our first workshop of 2023 with Noordwyk Secondary School. Our founder and director, Candice Chirwa, facilitated an exciting and educational menstrual talk and workshop with 200 Grade 8 and 9 students.

South African students attending a menstrual health and education workshop.

The early morning workshop was kickstarted with icebreakers to get the girls comfortable with freely speaking about periods. These ice-breakers opened a dialogue that allowed the students to express their opinions and views on periods. Next, the students participated in a vagina mediation session that literally knocked two birds with one stone because it first had the students stretched and warmed up for the day, and secondly, the vagina mediation taught the students the different parts of the female reproductive system.

South African students listening to a menstrual health and education workshop.
Candice Chirwa faciliating a menstrual education workshop in South Africa.

Following that, the students took part in a True or False educational quiz that questioned the young girls about the basics of periods, period products, and debunking period taboos. The true or false quiz highlighted the sheer magnitude of the menstrual inequality world in regard to mainstreaming access to period products, menstrual health, and menstrual education. Then, the students participated in a period product alien game where they practically partook in peer-to-peer learning about different period products and their applications. 

The workshop closed with the students taking their period pledge, vowing to talk openly about periods so they are part of the change in breaking the chain of stigma towards periods. At Qrate, we are all about spreading period positivity with all the students and people we engage with.

We received great feedback from teacher Martha, the Head of Department of Life Orientation at Noordwyk Secondary School, stating that she was very happy with the workshop as it offered an interactive and enjoyable platform for her students to learn about mensuration. Watch the video below to hear teacher Martha’s full reflection on the workshop.

We would also like to give a special thank you and a big shout-out to SkinBodyRenewal and Konami Girl for their generous donation of 200 packs of reusable Konami pads to the Grade 8 students. Your partnership and relentless commitment to addressing period product access is part of the driving force that continues to push and inspire the period community to continue to strive for greater reach in addressing menstrual inequality and mainstreaming menstrual education.

Qrate workshop partners
Candice Chirwa and Qrate's partners from Skin Body Renewal

To the Noordwyk Secondary School 8th and 9th Graders, teachers, and teacher Martha (HOD of Life Orientation/ SBSG Co-ordinator), you were phenomenal! Thank you for engaging and adding value to the workshop. As we pledged, remember to talk about periods because our periods are power. And that’s on, period!

Two Noordwyk Secondary Students proudly holding their workshop certificates.

This year Qrate is going on a period tour all across South Africa. If you would like your organization to experience the Qrate Menstruation Workshop, please email info@qrate.org.za